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Black Clover Chapter 1

Tags: black clover, manga releases
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April 6 2015, 00:51:03 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  April 6 2015, 08:36:00 UTC

thank you so much!
ummm.... i just had time to read it now but the chapter suddenly disappeared from batoto. Was it because it has been licensed by Viz or something else?
sorry for the late reply, you can read chapter 1,2,3 from bato.to if the problem is still there try mangahere.com.
I will also release chapter 4,5,6 tomorrow
thanks for reading my work
woo.. that's fast. thank you for the hardwork!
woo.. that's fast. thank you for the hardwork!
Thank you for your hard work

ps will you provide download links for your releases???